Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conference Call

One of the things I’ve set as a goal for myself is to start attending writing and writing related conferences and workshops. So I’ve been having fun researching them, and I think I have my schedule for the next year set.

Of course, I already attended one conference this year. Potlatch, up in Seattle, at the beginning of March. But the year is still young, so there are plenty of other things to attend.

So here’s my tentative schedule:

Then there’s the “don’t I wish” list. These are the conferences I’d go to if I was rich and could just travel around going to conferences any time I’d like:

Someday I’ll get to all of those and more. World Fantasy is going to be in California in 2009, so that one might happen next year. Mythcon moves around, too (last year's was in Berkeley), so I could get to go to that sometime in the not-too-distant future. But I’m not packing my bags yet.

I’m especially excited about the Willamette Writers’ Conference. First, it’s right here in Portland. And if you go check out their site, the line-up of workshops is amazing! It’s also going to be really great to meet local writers (which I’m also going to do some of next week when I go to my first Willamette Writers’ meeting).

For now, I’m pretty excited about the line-up I’ve set for myself. I need to do a bit of work on goal setting so I know what exactly I’d like to come away with from each of these. But I think my plan is an excellent starting point, especially for someone fairly new to the convention scene. Now I just have to start saving my pennies…

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