Friday, January 04, 2008

January 2008 BIW Challenge

My major writing goal for 2008 is to finish Blood of the Mist and submit it. To that end, I am participating in the Book-in-a-Week group (pretty sure I’ve mentioned that here already). Monday starts the first BIW challenge of the year!

I intend to write at least 40 pages of new material each month, not necessarily all during the BIW challenge week, but I’d like to get a good chunk of that done every month during the challenge. So, this month my challenge goal is 30 pages. If I am figuring things correctly (and I could be way off since this will be my first time completing a full first draft of a novel), with the 40 pages per month, I will complete the first draft by the end of March. Three months!

I am almost there, getting so close…This is exciting and scary and…WOW! As I come closer to the point where I’m going to have to start revisions and then finally let someone read it, I am getting nervous. What if I suck? What if my book sucks? What if I can’t fix it? Aack! But now is not the time to let myself think about that. Now is the time to finish the first draft. Then I can think of what comes next. If I let myself think about it too soon, I will become paralyzed by fears and self-doubt. No fears. Just words.


Amy Stoner said...

I think it is AWESOME that you are working on finishing the book. Do you know how many writers just never get to that point. Go can do it!

Thanks too for the post on my blog about the encaustic piece. That piece was so damn ugly when it started...I like how sometimes good things can happen by chance that totally help things along. yay!

Laura said...

I want to read it, so you HAVE to finish. :) Let me know what I can do in the way of effective/useful encouragement.

Thinking about you being published makes me very excited. Then Powell's will have YOU come give a reading!

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