Monday, November 19, 2007

Caught up

I'm caught up! As a matter of fact, I am 241 words beyond where we need to be today to be on target with the NaNo word count. Whoo hoo!

I am planning to do around 2,000 words tomorrow and around 2,500 on Wednesday. That will put me very near where I need to be at the end of Thursday (260 words short). I'm pretty sure I can manage that even in amongst visiting family for Thanksgiving brunch and cooking dinner and baking for us when we get home in the afternoon.

For that matter, maybe I can boost my goals for tomorrow and Wednesday and hit Thursday's goal before the actual day...No. I am feeling a little burned out right now. So I don't think I will boost my goals. Especially since I'm off on Friday and will not be leaving the house. I should be able to get lots of writing in.

In other news, the Hero's Journey writing class I signed up for in October that was postponed was supposed to start today. I got the invitation over the weekend to join the e-mail group. But there have been no messages, no assignment, nothing today. I am a little concerned about this. And impatient. I was supposed to take this class starting mid-October! I'm very anxious and excited to get started.

I will give it until tomorrow morning, but if there's no lesson posted by then, I think I will write to the place that offers the course and ask what's going on. maybe I should just post to the e-mail list, but I'm not sure the instructor is on there yet...

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