Thursday, November 01, 2007

And so it begins

NaNo started out with a whimper for me this year. As I mentioned the other day, I didn’t get as much planning done beforehand as I was hoping for, so I really didn’t feel ready today. And I was trying to do a bit of a different sort of planning, too. Today I decided that I wasn’t sure if that was working out. I was thinking it might have even been making things more difficult for me. Trying out a new planning routine when I didn’t really have much planning time available was probably not the greatest choice. So this morning/early afternoon I filled in an Aristotelian story incline, got my basic plot points in place, and I’m feeling a little better about things.

I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon here at work fiddling around with names and a few other planning details, and tonight when I get home I’m going to sit down with the laptop, sign into the forums, and do some word wars to get my word count for today. Or to at least get some word count for today.

Big sigh of relief over here. I am feeling pretty good now; I think I will win again this year. I’ve done a lot of work today, so I’m starting to feel ready to dive in. Of course, if I had kept up with regular writing sessions and writing practices through the year, I wouldn’t have gotten rusty at all, now would I? Ah well…At least I have something ready to go. And this really just proves what I’ve known about myself for ages—I really work best with some sort of external deadline. I just don’t know exactly how to make that work in my favor while I am pursuing a writing career…But that’s for figuring out in a different month.

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