Friday, September 14, 2007

Autumn brings the writing mood

I love this time of year. I find myself almost unable to *not* write. This is good. But I need some focus. Right now I've been writing snippets of word play and journal style writings. And yes, Natalie Goldberg recommends writing anything and everything that comes up in writing practice, but I feel the need for a balance between that sort of writing and actual story writing.

This weekend is the weekend of Charles de Lint. I'm going to use my excitement and whatever I learn from the workshop on Sunday to boost me into a productive writing phase. I just got my new, perfect notebook (really, it's actually perfect--I'm amazed and incredibly pleased), so I'm feeling organized and ready to go. My plan is to use writing prompts to do story snippets for the next two weeks. This is in part because I'm going to be on vacation for nine days starting next weekend, and I won't have the time and space and solitude to do more than that. I've made a page of writing prompts that I like, and I will write from them at least eight times between now and October 2. Then I will start novel planning, so the writing schedule may change.

Okay, enough plans. I'd like to make millions of plans and have glorious ideas bursting out all over, but I am going to be realistic. This is a good starting point, and I am going to stick to this plan. I will try to get in the habit of checking in here whenever I do a writing session so I can at least report that I did it. Maybe I'll even get brave and post some of my writings.

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