Monday, January 02, 2006

Daily Devotions 365

I've gone insane and signed up for a challenge called Daily Devotions 365. We're going to do a piece of art every day this year. My main art is writing, but I do some visual arts, too. This blog is to help me keep a record of the journey.

January 1--I bought some new markers and gel pens and watercolor crayons yesterday along with a new sketchbook. My art piece for today was just a square with random squiggles and shapes in all the different colors. It's what I do every time I get new colors, sort of a sampler piece. I also started the prologue of my novel! Yes, actual writing, not just planning, plotting, freewriting, or jotting notes. Actual writing! And I didn't faint and the world didn't end. I believe there's hope for me yet.

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